We manufacture dovetailed drawers in all available hardwoods and in any size. Our standard range of drawers, are made from European Oak and European Beech.

Our drawers can be made in any size and shape. They can be machined to suit any runner, and they can be engraved with company names and logo’s if required.


Our Dovetailed drawers can be made in any hardwood, but our most common types are in European steamed Beech and European oak. The drawer bottoms are made from 6mm mdf and are veneered on both sides to match the rest of the drawer. We supply our drawers unfinished but have them sanded to a 180 grit finish. The drawers are usually made in multiples of 25mm in height, for example, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm and so on in height, however we also allow 5mm extra to each of the heights to allow the drawer runners to be fully hidden underneath. So a 100mm high drawer is supplied at 105mm in height. We can make the drawers in any width to suit our customers, and we do not charge extra for this, the sides can be shaped to customer requirements, the drawers can be machined to suit all drawer runners, and company names and logos can be machined on the sides of the drawers. A typical price for an Oak 600mm wide drawer in 80mm height with a depth of 500mm would cost € 40 excluding vat. Cut-outs for runners, shaped drawer sides, and machining company logos and names to the drawer sides will cost extra.

Please email us to get a detailed quotation regarding your requirements, tell us how many drawers you require, the type of timber in the drawers, the height and width of the drawers, and whether you want the drawers machined for runners and company names and logos. We will reply back to you as soon as possible.

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