We manufacture our pilasters in standard and bespoke sizes and from any timber. We manufacture them in both square and turned styles and in both full turned versions or in a pilaster kit version.


Our kitchen pilasters can be made in any timber, size and style. Our standard range, are manufactured in the styles as shown above. This standard range comes in sizes of 94mm by 900mm, 94mm x 1250mm and 65mm x 900mm and 65mm x 1250mm. These standard sizes are packaged in individual cardboard boxes with labels attached. All our pilasters are supplied unfinished but sanded to 180mm grit finish.

We manufacture our pilasters on a 5 axis CNC lathe, so they can be manufactured to any size or style to suit individual companies. Most of our pilasters are manufactured from European Oak and European Beech, but we can manufacture pilasters in any suitable timber.

Our pilasters like all our products are very competitively priced in that a single pilaster in European Oak, in a shaker style, at 94mm x 900mm would cost from € 30.00 excluding vat.

Please email us to get a detailed quotation regarding your requirements, tell us how many pilasters you require, the type of timber in the pilasters, the height and width of the pilasters, and whether you want the pilasters to match any of our standard styles, or a new style specific to your company. We will reply back to you as soon as possible.

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